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Which Hemorrhoid Remedy Works?

There are many hemorrhoid pills, tablets and creams on the market ranging from ineffective potions to genuine clinically proven treatments that work. So how do you know which one to choose? Well you can buy and try all of them or you can take a short cut and see how other users rated these products. Read the details below and choose the one you think it's best for you. If you already tried a product for curing hemorrhoids please submit a vote on the bottom of this page. To this day we have received 5786 votes from 3792 people.

The Best Hemorrhoid Treatments Rated by Users

Total Votes: 5786 from 3792 Users, Number of Products in Database: 15, Time: 10/5/2015 4:34:36 PM

Calmovil Hemorrhoid Remedy

#1 Calmovil Hemorrhoid Relief

Calmovil cointains a powerful dose of bioflavonoids that were clinically proven to be effective in healing hemorrhoids. It contains enzimes to help dissolve blood clots that form inside hemorrhoids. It shrinks the inflamed hemorrhoid and quickly relieves pressure and pain. Calmovil also calms and regulates the digestive system. It relieves irritation from constipation or diarrhea.

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Stopped Pain90%
Reduced Itching79%
Shrunk Hemorrhoid93%
Reduced Bleeding69%
Price $37.95
945 Votes, User Ratings 4.8

Runner Up
Venapro Hemroid Remedy

#2 Venapro

Contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help soothe the pain associated with hemorrhoids. It uses the purest botanical extracts and the most effective healing plant and root extracts. This botanical coctail is of the highest quality to ensure fast and long lasting relief.

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Stopped Pain89%
Reduced Itching69%
Shrunk Hemorrhoid52%
Reduced Bleeding47%
Price $39.95
484 Votes, User Ratings 4.0


Third Place
Avatrol Hemroid Remedy

#3 Avatrol Monthly

Avatrol contains a synergistic blend of ingredients. These nutrients address any underlying dietary inadequacies and have been shown to promote circulatory and digestive health, as well as muscle function of the large intestine.

Some of our users reported that in order to achieve relief, a large amount of capsules is needed.
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Stopped Pain80%
Reduced Itching57%
Shrunk Hemorrhoid62%
Reduced Bleeding31%
Price $39.95
456 Votes, User Ratings 3.8


Fourth Place
Venapro Hemroid Remedy

#4 Hem-Relief

Hem-Relief is natural and uses only quality and safe herbal ingredients. It is produced in an FDA certified laboratory. It meets the highest industry standards in the making of each and every bottle. Hem-Relief has no reported bad side effects or drug interactions. It doesn't include any caffeine or ephedrine.
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Stopped Pain72%
Reduced Itching54%
Shrunk Hemorrhoid54%
Reduced Bleeding37%
Price $39.95
504 Votes, User Ratings 3.3


Fifth Place
Venapro Hemroid Remedy

#5 Ziro / Zenmed

Brings fast effective relief with soothing, anti-inflammatory formula. Herbal extracts work to relieve the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids. It also improves venous circulation. Restore serenity to your life with powerful, long lasting ZIRO Hemorrhoidal cream.
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Stopped Pain95%
Reduced Itching56%
Shrunk Hemorrhoid26%
Reduced Bleeding26%
Price $34.95
478 Votes, User Ratings 3.2

Total Votes: 5786 from 3792 Users, Number of Products in Database: 15, Time: 10/5/2015 4:34:36 PM

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